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The balloon rate is pending, further financing via the Autobank was not possible? To recycle the car loan, many people like to do so under the auspices. The contribution guides you to the individually matching loan offer.

Car loan debt – good credit

Car loan debt - good credit

The dealerships are increasing their sales figures with simple final installment loan offers. Often, the loan offers are calculated in such a way that the down payment made and interest rate sponsorship together result in a low running rate. The down payment is gradually “consumed” in this way. The final installment, when due, often corresponds exactly to the dealer purchase price.


The recent financing of the final installment is, of course, no problem for car owners with a good credit rating. A credit comparison of online loans reveals the variety of financing options. It is not absolutely necessary to resort to an earmarked loan. The offer, with the lowest effective interest rates and the possibility of free early loan repayment, should be awarded the contract.

The possibility to repay the car loan prematurely, without prepayment interest, is especially important for vehicle loans. Hardly any credit for the purchase of a car is actually paid until the end. Most car owners change the vehicle during the contract period. Prepayment interest rates would otherwise be preprogrammed without the right to free early loan repayment.

Problem cases for the further financing of the car

Unfortunately, not everything is always smooth in life. Especially in cases where the original vehicle financing was “sewn on edge”, re-financing can be a problem. The car loan umschulden, that works fine only if the personal credit rating is good. If the credit security can not be obtained from the individual credit rating, then the lending value of the vehicle is important.

The vehicle value, which an expert will find in well-maintained vehicles, which corresponds approximately to the dealer purchase price and thus the final rate. The mortgage lending value is, however, considerably lower. Depending on the credit provider, only about 60 – 70 percent of the real value is borrowed. In order to be able to repay the car loan, this results in a credit gap of up to 40 percent of the loan amount.

If personal creditworthiness does not suffice to close this funding gap, there are two options left. A solvent guarantor could enter into the contract and take over the loan liability. In this case, all options offered by the affiliated credit comparison are again open. Alternatively, a loan could be used by private investors. The interest rates on loans from private sources, adjusted to credit risk, are higher. But at least the fair chances for vehicle debt are maintained.

The most important thing in keywords

The most important thing in keywords

– Final installment loans make vehicle remittance mandatory.
– A further financing option is not provided for many balloon loans.
– With good credit rating, the credit comparison offers extensive offers for car financing.
– The comparison calculator determines the cheapest loan offer for you.
– What is important is the right to free early loan repayment for car financing.
– Problems to be able to repatriate the car loan are solvable.
– A solvent guarantor or the change to the loan from private can facilitate the rescheduling of the car loan.

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