The Cheapest Payday Cards Available Online

The cheapest payday on the market!

chwilowka w 15 minut online

In the comparison site, you can find information on 20 loan companies that operate on the territory of Poland. This allows for a very accurate and detailed presentation of the offer, especially the costs incurred while not paying the loan. It also shows in which company the payday is the most profitable. an elucidation on

APY is not the only factor that should be taken into account. Also important are the costs of reminders, insurance costs, fees for renewing a payday, etc. It is good to know that out of 20 companies, as many as 7 offers free reminder, only for proof, for new customers. This saves you up to PLN 300!

Cheap, by name, payday loans can become expensive, so the comparison engine is only a help. It is necessary to read the loan agreement and all regulations related to it. In addition, payday loans should only be taken if:

  • the loan is really necessary and necessary, then you should only borrow as much as it is needed,
  • you have the option of regular repayment,
  • the loan will not be taken to pay off other debts from loan companies.

At the same time, you need to be aware of the consequences of taking a loan as proof and the lack of repayment:

  • penal interest is increasing,
  • paid monitors are received, which may cost from PLN 4 to PLN 100, regardless of whether it is an SMS, e-mail or registered letter,
  • there are costs of extending the payday,
  • increasing the cost of insurance,
  • handing the case to court,
  • entry into the debtors’ databases
  • the debt is transferred to the debt collection company.

Before signing a contract, you have to think it over carefully while defining the purpose for which the waiting period is to be used.

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